2013 Looking Good So Far

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

We’re well into 2013 and it’s been about 15 months now since Andrew’s BMT. All signs are positive at this point. The pivotal event in my opinion was when he began to eat real food after the Yoo-hoo kickstart. Andrew now has a well-used Ford F-150 to restore (like his brothers have done) and will I am quite sure, be driving it one day before long. After they get the engine working and a few other details. Keep the positive thoughts and prayers going. As many have said, Andrew is the toughest person I know and an inspiration. He recently talked to students at  his old elementary school about blood transfusions and how they work. He certainly has a perspective and and appreciation for them, as we all know.

There’s strong…there’s Army strong…and then there’s Andrew Strong.


As you may know, Andrew has been home after his bone marrow transplant but not eating and barely drinking, getting nutrition through a tube. He says nothing tastes right and hasn’t had an appetite. Recently though he’s begun to drink Yoo-Hoo chocolate drink (a lot of it) and eating a bit. It’s a good sign. Can Yoo-Hoo be the magic elixir that gets him on the road to eating again? Let’s hope so! “It’s Me-hee for Yoo-Hoo!”



Andrew followers and friends: His blood counts are way up, he’s able to drink fluids again, they are weaning him off of the many medicines, etc., and may be able to send him home by the end of next week! Still a road ahead but a huge mountain was moved. Toughest kid I know, and from what I hear the toughest kid the folks at Shands have seen so far. I believe that steadfast strength and courage comes from his grandfather…

AUGUST 7: It’s a long road to recovery and Andrew continues to be fed through a tube and requires frequent tests, treatments and adjustments. The continuing challenges wear on his family. Please continue to show your love and support as the long recovery continues.

Please continue to send your love, your prayers, your positive thoughts and more to Andrew and his family as he fights hard against post transplant complications. Nothing is easy. Without going into detail, let’s just say Andrew is still working hard to recover and the challenges continue to come his way. So send your love in the best way you know how. This picture is very recent and shows him at a strong moment. Thanks.

It’s Crunch Time at Shands

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Andrew is getting the head and body radiation treatments now in advance of the bone marrow transplant set for Feb. 29th. We know it’s gotta be tough but Andrew is TOUGHER. Now is a good time to keep Andrew and his family in your thoughts and prayers and to send him some love right here at Kids Fighting Cancer – leave a note on this page or the Guest Book. Let’s cheer him up and cheer him on to total victory over the menace. Andrew, we’ve got your back on this – keep pushing, you’ll get through. – Uncle Mark

Tony Hudson from LifeSouth Community Blood Center in Lake City has started up a Bone Marrow Donor drive in Andrew’s name. He will be organizing both financial donations and donor sampling (coming soon to the Lake City Mall).

The donations drive is running online at the Be the Match Foundation website so please take a look and spread the word through your social media and contacts.